Mission Statement

We aim to provide high quality care for our patients based on internationally accepted treatment guidelines. We have hence come up with the following recommendations and guidelines for our centre in order to ensure delivery of the best quality, evidence based and patient centered care.


Our aim is to provide a universally accepted standard treatment for each of our diabetes and endocrine patients to suit their lifestyle and needs. To achieve this we only see a limited number of patients per day.Please book your appointments well in advance and we also request clients who have booked their appointments not to cancel at the last minute


We will strive our best to see our clients at the designated appointment time. To ensure this we allocate a 10-minute slot per consultation and would request our patrons to be well organized with their questions and doubts to ensure that this time is well utilized.

Consulting Fee

We charge all our clients a consulting fee for each visit, which has to be settled on the same visit. For the initial visit, additional Rs.30/- will be charged for the Clinic file. Random sugar check(if clinically indicated) by Glucometer or Urine ketones dipstick will be charged (Rs.50/- and Rs 30/- respectively) in addition to the consulting fee.


We do rely on high quality investigative data for achieving a diagnosis and instituting management. Towards this we strenuously recommend organizing the investigations (Blood tests, X-ray, Scans etc) at the centres recommended by the doctor at the time of consultation.The hormonal tests from an unreliable/unvetted centre may give spurious results, compromising patient care.Hence we reserve the right to recommend redoing the tests in a practice recommended centre.


The medicines we prescribe once again are of high quality and is available in all good pharmacies. We recommend our clients to get the treatment as prescribed and not to substitute with medications recommended by a local pharmacy.We also discourage phone calls to suggest alternate medications.


We recommend using the telephone number (+91 9333193331 or +91 9433194331) only for fixing appointments. We are unable to answer queries relating to symptoms and changes in health status over the phone. For Medico legal reasons, Dr S Ramkumar has stopped answering health-related queries over the phone, as these are not documented.


For Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine emergencies, please send your recent prescription and contact doctors number +919940286196. Please do not call this number for booking appointments or any general enquiry. Please note that Dr.Ram’s Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic is an out-patient speciality and cannot handle emergencies. For Medico legal reasons, Dr S Ramkumar has stopped answering all health-related queries over the phone, as these are not documented. Please contact 1066 apollo hospital emergency number for ambulance services.


We provide online telemedicine consultation from home for patients who cannot come to the clinic. Please note our telemedicine number (+91 99624 93331) for booking online consultations. To maintain a high standard without compromise on the quality of care, we reserve the right to recommend the patient to come in person depending on the clinical situation.

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