Different Aspects Of Thyroid Disease

Posted on March 29, 2020 . By Admin

When it comes to thyroid, one of its main concerns is that it often goes undiagnosed or misinterpreted. This happens because many of its symptoms indicate other medical conditions. The thyroid is a relatively common disease that can affect anyone at any age. The month of January is known as ‘Thyroid Awareness Month’ which not just talks about the importance of taking good care of this butterfly-shaped gland but also dedicates itself to bring attention and awareness about thyroid. Instead of symptoms and treatments, let’s have a look at other aspects of Thyroid disease.


The lumps on the thyroid gland can be both a source of concern and misinterpretation. Though most of the nodules are non-cancerous, some of them can be and the question of which ones and how to detect them still remains unclear. However, one must know that size alone cannot indicate a risk factor or malignancy. Feeling a lump in your throat? Get yourself a thorough examination and best treatment for thyroid in Chennai.


Study shows how people aged over 65 years do not find any significant improvement with their mild thyroid condition even after taking levothyroxine, the regular treatment for thyroid problems. It was seen that there was no effect on the fatigue and how the prescription was considered not the correct option for older people. Hence, it is always better that people above five years of age should voice out and expect a treatment that is per their body type, symptoms and research.


Many of us are aware of the fact that hyperthyroidism or the overfunctioning of the thyroid hormone leads to various cardiovascular problems. However, only a few are aware of the link between hyperthyroidism and breast cancer. Multiple studies reveal a significant increase in the risk of breast cancer in hyperthyroidism patients. While the possibility may not be 100% women who have or have been treated for hyperthyroidism should always know and be aware of the warning signs. Are you suffering from hyperthyroidism? Regular monitoring of your health is a must.


Hypothyroidism is the condition where the production of the level of thyroid hormones becomes insufficient for the proper functioning of the body. Though supplements appear effective, an overdose of thyroid can lead to several risks.

There are cases where overdosage has led to many conditions including irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation, which can sometimes lead to a stroke. That is why it is always better to know how much medication we need or should get according to our thyroid. It is still best to know the optimal range of thyroid hormones according to our body and then have medication according to it.

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